The Story behind...

Mary Beth Nardy owner of MB Jewelry Designs

Healing the Soul.

Connecting with others hasn’t always been easy. I know that I am not alone in this. 
At times, I feel out of place, alone, even broken. I am working to reclaim my beauty, find my community and support system, and ultimately flourish. Through my work, 
I want to inspire others to do the same.

Nature is my refuge. I find peace within the wind rustling the leaves of the trees and the babbling brook as the water flows over the river rocks. I love to wander admiring the shapes and textures of plants, flowers, and leaves. At night, I love tending a fire. I am fascinated at the transformative properties of fire, dark to light…wood to ash.

My jewelry is loosely based upon what I see in nature. Each piece tells a story of finding, searching, and dreaming using gemstone meanings and symbolic elements. 
I use traditional metal smithing techniques, sheet metal, wires, and textures forged in sterling silver with gold accents. The fire from my torch allows me to transform solid metal into the symbolic elements I use. My lapidary work, the art of cutting gemstones to bring out their natural beauty, allows me to create specialized shapes to enhance the story. Even though each piece has its own story, my use of abstraction allows for a personal interpretation. Each of my creations imparts the energy and intentions of my journey to…Heal the Soul.